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Additional treatments

Our additional facial treatments include:

City Balance, Japanese face cosmolifting, Eyebrow regulation, LYCON eyebrow regulation, Henna eyebrow / eyelashes, Henna adjustable eyebrow, Henna eyebrow with adjustable LYCON wax, Henna set, ELAN eyebrow coloring and styling, Eyelash & eyebrow lamination

City Balance 60MIN / 330PLN

CITY BALANCE is our proprietary anti-smog treatment intended for residents of large cities, smokers, as well as stressed people.

Strong active ingredients provide excellent oxygenation of skin cells, reduce damage caused by smog and heavy metals and provide oxidative protection. The skin after the treatment is oxygenated and brightened


Japanese face massage

Japanese face lifting is a holistic rejuvenating treatment developed by Lone Sorensen, which smooths wrinkles in a non-invasive way, improves the face oval and makes the face glow. By stimulating points and zones on the face, it deeply affects tissues, stimulating the natural regeneration processes of the face and the whole body. The treatment stimulates the process of removing toxins, tones and firms the skin, minimizes thin lines and reduces deep wrinkles, helps eliminate discoloration and acne, and also brightens and refreshes the skin.

The treatment is recommended for women and men of all ages – it works perfectly as a method of preventing collagen loss and wrinkles, and reduces the effects of aging on mature skin. This therapy is an ideal alternative to invasive aesthetic medicine treatments.

The essence of Japanese face lifting is manual muscle massage and stimulation of traditional facial acupressure points combined with deep lifting and lymphatic drainage. During the treatment, organic oils with the content of natural acids and minerals exhibiting a strong regenerating effect are used. As a result, Japanese face lifting is the only face massage that, in addition to cosmetic and aesthetic effects, has a beneficial health effect on the entire human body.