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Danne Montague King dermocosmetics are the highest quality dermatological preparations. This brand has been known around the world for 40 years thanks to its excellent results, supported by research and development of paramedical programs.

Specializes in solving skin problems and aging processes.
Products of this brand do not contain mineral oils and silicone oils. Used in professional medical and caring treatments, they are characterized by high effectiveness. Due to the compact active botanical ingredients, they have a concentration comparable to the class of dermatological preparations.

DMK is the only brand in the world that uses the benefits of enzymes. Enzymes are living substances that regulate life processes and interact with selected minerals inside the body to create a natural antioxidant system to combat harmful free radicals. Properly designed, they remove dead proteins, toxins and other waste products from the epidermis, using the so-called process. “reverse osmosis”.

Unique DMK Enzyme Therapy therapies are the basis for a healthy, youthful appearance of the skin. It is an advanced paramedical procedure that ensures effective skin renewal and its optimal functioning. The combination of enzymes used in conjunction with numerous amino acids improves the skin’s repair capacity, creating a clean environment for cell development.
DMK enzymes, being natural, biological catalysts, work not only on the skin surface. They also trigger specific physiological actions in the skin, providing each cell with a healthy environment for its development. The therapy is selected individually depending on the condition and problem of the skin.


Paramedical procedure for sensitive skin with AD and prone to swelling

Paramedical procedure ensuring effective skin renewal and its optimal functioning. The combination of enzymes and amino acids improves the skin’s repair ability. The treatment significantly improves the condition of sensitive, reactive skin, with AD and swelling. Nourishes, detoxifies, oxygenates and strengthens the skin’s resistance.


Cleansing treatment with manual cleansing

A cleansing and regenerating treatment designed for contaminated, acne-prone skin, strongly blocked, with enlarged pores, blackheads, glands and blocked mouths of sebaceous glands. This treatment regulates sebaceous glands, oxygenates, detoxifies, narrows the pores of the skin, has antibacterial properties.


The treatment is intended for skin with advanced acne, with purulent eruptions, resistant to dermatological treatment.


A paramedical treatment for all skin types.

Intensively and deeply regenerates, improving the level of hydration, firmness and elasticity of the skin. Recommended for dull, gray, dry and dehydrated skin with visible wrinkles and rosacea.

Treatment effects:
– immediate skin rejuvenation,
– improvement of skin firmness and elasticity,
– smoothing deep and delicate wrinkles,
– cleansing and brightening of the skin,
– hydration and revitalization.


An anti-aging treatment that delays and modifies skin aging processes. Performed at any time of the year, also in summer, without the risk of photosensitization.

– skin with visible wrinkles, signs of photoaging,
– mature skin, with loss of elasticity and firmness,
– tired skin, lacking radiance,
– skin after excessive sunbathing, with discoloration,
– thin and delicate skin,
– skin with vascular disorders, including telangiectasia,
– for rosacea, including inflammation,
– for women and men over 35,
– for people who want to maintain a healthy, youthful appearance.

– restoration of natural skin processes and its revitalization,
– slowing down the aging processes,
– cleansing and nourishing the skin,
– oxygenation, stimulation of microcirculation
– smoothing the skin,
– stimulation and lifting,
– improvement of skin tension and elasticity of the muscles of the face and neck,
– improvement of the face oval,
– reduction and smoothing of wrinkles,
– increasing skin resistance,
– strengthening the capillary system.

Muscle Banding is an innovative formula of a paramedical treatment based on striation of the muscles, achieving the effects of an intensive lifting without a scalpel. It is a painless way to have beautiful, young and radiant skin all year round!

The used combinations of enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids and other highly effective ingredients stimulate the occurrence of deep contraction in the basic muscles of the face and neck. These, in turn, through passive narrowing and contraction, increase the flow of lactic acid, which progressively strengthens the muscles of the face and neck after each treatment.
The innovation of the treatment is based on providing deep stimulation without disturbing the surface of the dermis. It stimulates internal renewal and intensively regenerates. Provides strong antioxidants, neutralizing harmful free radicals responsible for the aging process of the skin. In addition, it contains a copper-chlorophyll complex, highly effective in the process of tissue repair and strengthening.
The skin is visibly rejuvenated, the wrinkles are filled and the complexion is radiant!


DMK pedicure gives excellent treatment results even in the most difficult cases!
– Removes corns and calloused skin with a yellow color,
– Regenerates rough, dry and cracked heel skin,
– Removes dead epidermal cells,
– Whitens discolored areas of the skin,
– Helps to remove fungal and bacterial infections.