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Lycon wax

Mustache / Nose / Beard • Face • Armpits • Plain bikini • Deep bikini • Brazilian bikini

Lycon waxes are products containing a blend of the highest quality natural ingredients gentle on the skin, ensuring its softness and silky smoothness.The aromatic oils they contain provide nutrients and soothe the senses.Lycon Hot Wax is an innovative hard wax removing hairs up to 1 mm long.Due to their delicacy and soothing properties, these waxes are recommended for depilation of particularly sensitive parts of the body: face, bikini and armpits.


Whole legs • Whole hands • Whole back • Thighs • Calves • Buttocks • Forearms

Depileve waxes contain 70% resin from the best type of pine. This resin allows for optimal application temperature and precise removal of even the shortest hair (from 0.5 mm). The addition of plant extracts such as azulene, lavender, aloe, karite butter, olive oil and other valuable ingredients means that depilation can be individually adjusted to the needs of even the most delicate and sensitive skin.