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  -  Injection lipolysis
Injection lipolysis

Injection lipolysis is an alternative to surgical liposuction and is used by both men and women. Injection lipolysis allows the reduction of excess fat in the face, e.g. to reduce bags under the eyes or reduce the “additional” chin. In addition, it is also performed within the body to reduce the excessive amount of fat present in some areas, e.g. arms, abdomen and buttocks.

Injection lipolysis involves injecting a special preparation under the skin, which includes phosphatidylcholine.

Phosphatidylcholine easily penetrates the cell membranes, causing them to rupture, and then breaks down triglycerides, which along with lipoproteins are transported to the liver, where they break down.

Injection lipolysis is not suitable for general weight reduction, but only for local use to achieve an aesthetic effect.