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Classic, relaxing massage, or maybe Lomi Lomi? Try our unique rituals that provide a rich sensual experience.

Relaxation, balance and well-being – guaranteed!

Classic massage

The oldest and most popular therapeutic method; performed on all or part of the body. Combines many massage techniques. Regular use of massage improves mood, reduces muscle tension and fatigue.

Relaxing massage

It is performed all over the body. Weaving the stronger and more delicate massage techniques, we bring the body and mind into a state of deep relaxation. Relaxation massage reduces the effects of stress and fatigue after a hard day.

Massage for men whiskey & tobacco

Massage dedicated to men. Stronger massage techniques will allow you to relax tense and tired muscles after a whole day, while the wonderful note of whiskey and tobacco will calm down and calm your senses.

Healing back massage

Reduces pain, brings relief. It helps to fight not only the symptoms but also the causes. Recommended for pain and strain on the spine, fatigue and muscle tension, as well as for arthritis and tendonitis.

Chinese cupping massage

One of the basic elements of anti-cellulite treatment. It stimulates blood circulation, speeds up metabolism, reduces unnecessary fat and helps cleanse the body of toxins.


Extremely pleasant and perfectly relaxing massage with the use of hot stones. It has a positive effect on both the mind and the body. Massage fantastically relaxes, calms, calms and revitalizes the body, thus reducing the negative effects of stress and providing a feeling of deep relaxation. It accelerates blood and lymph circulation, thanks to which the skin is better oxygenated and nourished, and the body is cleansed of toxins and metabolic products. It relaxes tense muscles and relieves pain.

Lymphatic drainage

Massage improving the flow of lymph and tissue fluids in the body

It stimulates the lymphatic system, metabolism and accelerates the process of cleansing the body. Combines well with slimming and anti-cellulite treatments. Especially recommended for people struggling with edema.

Lomi Lomi massage

One of the body massages performed – one of the body massages performed – to the rhythm of Hawaiian music. It reduces stress and adds energy. It is done to go forearms. Long and smooth movements, looking for that the person being massaged is experiencing deep relaxation.

drainING and slimming leg massage

A specialized massage that stimulates microcirculation. It increases blood supply to the subcutaneous tissue and stimulates blood vessels to work, reduces swelling.

Massage for pregnant women

A special relaxing massage, performed from the 4th month of pregnancy. It reduces pain (especially of the lumbar spine) and tissue tension, reduces swelling, makes the skin more elastic and improves blood and lymph circulation.

Body peeling

An exfoliating body treatment. It removes callous epidermis, which increases the absorption of active substances from the peeling itself, as well as from other products used during further body care treatments.

goat milk RITUAL

Professional regenerative and nutritional therapy

Extracts from goat milk and lychee fruit provide the necessary vitamins, proteins and fatty acids that strengthen the skin. After the treatment, the skin is renewed and heavily nourished. The ritual is especially dedicated after the holiday period, to pregnant women or people with dry and sensitive skin.

seasonal ritual

peeling, mask, massage

Original body treatments that change seasonally. All our rituals are based on aromatic, precious oils and body butters rich in nutrients.

Self-tanning treatment with peeling

It will provide every skin with a safe tan with even coloring. The skin takes on a beautiful, sunny color, and unevenness and discoloration level out, leaving the impression of vitality and attractiveness. The procedure preceded by peeling.