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  -  Plasma IQ

Plasma IQ is a plasma generator that is ideal for non-invasive eyelid lifting and smoker wrinkle removal.


Between the tip of the device and the patient’s skin, thanks to the small arc and ionization of the gases contained in the air, a plasma micro-beam is created, which in a controlled way allows the sublimation of the epidermis while shrinking the skin at its site of action. Each of the performed points does not damage the basal layer of the dermis, without bleeding and without damaging the surrounding tissues.

Plasma IQ allows you to get rid of the first signs of aging, rejuvenate the look and look. Used in eyelid correction for both women and men.


• Non-invasive eyelid lifting
• Wrinkles
• Removal of fibromas
• Scars
• Removal of ruby hemangiomas

Advantages of the procedure using Plasma IQ:

✓ is safe – does not require anesthesia, ⁠
✓ is non-invasive – designed for people who do not want to decide on surgery, ⁠
✓ is precise – the skin after the treatment is not damaged, because the plasma micro beam only works within the epidermis, ⁠
✓ gives immediate effect – after the first treatment! ⁠
✓ is comfortable – it does not exclude you from everyday activities. ⁠