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  -  Selvert Thermal

Selvert Thermal is a Swiss cosmetology brand with over 25 years of experience. Her philosophy is based on the search for the most effective ways to support natural skin self-regeneration. The active ingredients of this brand come from, among others from the internal resources of the earth (mud, mules, clays, peat, mud, minerals) and nature (natural substances). It is a brand that excels in the safe combination of healthy and natural skin therapy with modernity and effectiveness.

Cell Vitale 90’

CELL VITALE anti-age

Zabieg przeciwstarzeniowy z bardzo dokładnie opracowaną formułą z komórek macierzystych jabłka Uttwiler Spätlauber. Ta szwajcarska odmiana jabłek, wysoko ceniona za doskonałej jakości komórki macierzyste, pomaga opóźnić proces starzenia się, a także stymuluje regenerację komórek, przywracając skórze młody i piękny wygląd.

Peptide Lift 90’

Care for mature skin, which is based on an extensive series of innovative peptides and active substances. All preparations used during the procedure have a significant impact on skin reconstruction and help reduce mimic lines. The peptides used have the ability to strengthen cell integrity and the power of skin lifting, thanks to which they are helpful in preventing and protecting the skin against signs of aging.

Regeneration AbsoLUe 90’

A solution for the most demanding and mature skin types, a combination of advanced active ingredients (ProRenew Complex® and snail protein extract) that stimulates natural self-regeneration in the skin, increasing it by 20% in just 4 days. The treatment restores the skin’s healthy, youthful appearance, improves its texture and increases protection. It works on skin cells, restoring their energy and activating them. As a result, Absolute Regeneration increases the synthesis of basic protein, improves the structure of collagen and elastin fibers, strongly strengthening them.