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  -  Tissue simulators

Tissue stimulants are used to rebuild the skin structure by stimulating collagen and elastin. Tissue stimulants are not fillers, they do not increase the volume of facial tissues. Their goal is to restore skin parameters lost over the years.

The effect of skin renewal after using tissue stimulators is to reduce wrinkles, and the improvement of skin tone and firmness over a large area is precisely the result of stimulating collagen production and increasing skin thickness. Because we stimulate natural biological processes, you must wait 3-6 weeks for the effect.


Amino acids with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid

Jalupro is a product that is a combination of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and an amino acid complex. It is intended for deep biorevitalization of the skin. Thanks to the presence of high-molecular hyaluronic acid with increased viscosity, we obtain long-lasting skin hydration and initial filling effect. Amino acids are designed to nourish fibroblasts and stimulate them to regenerate, thanks to which the skin becomes more elastic, dense and tense and wrinkles and folds become less visible. Leucine contained in Jalupro® HMW – being one of the main components of collagen – additionally rebuilds its structure so that the skin obtains elasticity and appropriate density.

Recommended therapy 3-4 treatments, once every 3 weeks.

MD- Tissue

Ztelocollagen with a vitamin complex

This is a medical device, an alternative to classic aesthetic treatments. The preparation contains collagen and a set of vitamins C, B6, B2, and B1, which help remodel tissues and smooth wrinkles. Intended for use in aesthetic medicine treatments to moisturize the skin, reduce wrinkles and reduce other signs of skin aging. MD-TISSUE can be used in parallel with hyaluronic acid or botox.

The procedure is performed in a series of 4-5 treatments every 3-4 weeks.


Nucleofill is a preparation for deep skin renewal and biorestructure.

Nucleofill is a preparation for deep skin renewal and biorestructure. This innovative treatment works on three levels: lifting, antioxidation and hydration. The treatment introduces the skin into the process of biostimulation and regeneration, leading to its thickening and firming. Its color also improves and fine wrinkles become shallower.

Nucleofill is suitable for all skin types. The effect obtained will be clear, but very natural.

A series of 4 treatments is recommended every 2-4 weeks.


Stabilized HA hybrid complexes with the highest available concentration – 64 mg

PROFHILO is the latest treatment against skin sagging and facial aging. It is a youth molecule patented by the Pharmaceutical Institute of IBSA, which rejuvenates the production of elastin and collagen type I, II, IV, VII. It strengthens and thickens the skin, smoothes wrinkles, makes the face look slimmer biorevolumetric effect.

A specially developed BAP injection technique was created to correct anatomically difficult and hard to rebuild sagging skin areas. It allows more complete stopping of aging by maximizing the diffusion processes of PROFHILO® in tissues. The procedure does not require anesthesia. For maximum comfort, the treatment only requires a puncture of 5 points.

The result is already visible after a session of 2 treatments performed 1 a month.