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  -  Valmont

Valmont is an exclusive Swiss professional cosmetic brand. For over 30 years, he has been taking care of the health, beauty and condition of face and body skin. Provides visible and long-lasting rejuvenating effects thanks to cell cosmetics and professional care treatments. The brand is known in over 40 countries around the world and is the creator of unique, proprietary methods, techniques and treatment protocols that guarantee results.

Valmont treatments are performed in two versions – express and full, enriched with more active preparations and a patch of 100% pure mother collagen with very high efficiency. Care programs respond to all the needs of the skin, counteract the effects of the passage of time, visible on the face, neck and cleavage.


Exclusive care in the express version – 45 minutes or full – 90 minutes.

Source of irrigation

Moisturizing treatment

The treatment is intended for dry skin, which requires special care. The “irrigation source” acts as a moisturizing bath. Perfectly moisturized epidermis regains vitality, the skin becomes firm and wrinkles caused by dryness – smooth out.

Peaks of firmness

Firming treatment

An exclusive anti-aging, firming and lifting treatment. It delays skin aging processes, strengthens and makes collagen and elastin fibers more elastic. Nourishes the cells and restores firmness. Prevents the formation of new wrinkles.

Vitality of glaciers

Energizing treatment

An energizing treatment accelerates cell renewal, allows for optimal skin renewal, improves cellular respiration and reduces the adverse effects of free radicals. Triple DNA, RNA liposomes and a peptide cocktail stimulate skin cells to regenerate. This treatment helps regain the gray, matte complexion – freshness and radiance.

Ice Glare

Illuminating treatment

A treatment that aims to eliminate pigmented cells. Thanks to specially developed active ingredients, the skin becomes radiant and its color is even.

Reflection in a frozen lake 60′

Eye area treatment

A treatment that cares for the most sensitive eye area, with 100% native collagen in the form of a lobe. The use of massage containing elements of reflexology, drainage and lifting gestures affect blood and lymph circulation. Thanks to this, bruises and swelling around the eyes are significantly reduced and the skin becomes more tense and elastic.

Purity of hydration

Body peeling

Exfoliating body treatment. It removes callous epidermis, which increases the absorption of active substances from the peeling itself, as well as from other products used during further body care treatments.

Body vitality


Massage, through specially developed techniques, puts the body and mind in a state of deep relaxation, leaving the skin richly nourished.